The challenge with the recruiting blogosphere for many is just keeping track of the sheer number of voices that exist within it. Many people just end up reading one or two of their favorite blogs and periodically link to interesting blog posts referenced elsewhere; some use a blog aggregator or feed; others ignore the blogosphere altogether. I’m somewhere in the middle – trying to contribute but not trying to get sucked in too deep.

So why are there so many recruiting blogs? I think I have a possible answer (perhaps not the only answer, but it’s a working theory). It goes like this:

Recruiters know the hiring process better than anyone.
Recruiters know that publishing interesting content helps them get found by employers, helps add context to their resumes and provides interesting fodder for discussion during an interview.
Recruiters know that blogs help them connect with other people with similar interests that can help them find gigs down the road.
In short, I think that so many recruiters blog because they know that it helps them get jobs. Granted, some of the more inflammatory blogs actually might hurt peoples’ chances of finding work at certain companies – not to pick on anyone, but The Recruiting Animal comes to mind, although it could be argued that even the Animal gets some gigs or splits out of his efforts. Or maybe he’s just completely insane… who knows?

I believe this is a case of recruiters knowing their domain better than the rest of the general public, who may eventually catch on and start building more of their own blogs in other industries (lawyers, for example, already have a significant base of bloggers). What do you think?


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